On September 27, 2017, we opened a new veterinary clinic next to Beisia and CAINZ in Ojiya-city, Niigata-ken. It’s a new style clinic which uses Western and Oriental treatment methods.

Oriental treatment methods (TCVM*),
Acupuncture and Herbal medicine

Using Western medicine, we can treat animals by locating and eliminating pathogenic factors (viruses, bacteria, inflammation, organ dysfunction cancer, etc…). In contrast, using Oriental medicine we can treat their body’s internal imbalance and mental dysfunction by using acupuncture and herbal medicine.

We hope that every pet lives a long life, but neither the pet nor you, the owner should experience pain. In other words, your pet’s QOL (Quality Of Life) should be high. Western medicine and treatments are not always effective on an aged pet, due to Qi Deficiency. In contrast, TCVM* treatments, including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and food therapy, are mild and relatively safe. Because they consider the whole body and restore balance, they are effective on weak and aged animals. They are very useful for improving a pet’s QOL and reducing many complex symptoms. In our clinic, we can suggest Western treatment or TCVM treatment, or both, for various diseases. We inform you in detail about your pet’s illness and condition and you can choose from the various treatments. We will use these treatments to provide high quality veterinary care for your pet when dealing with their medical conditions.

*TCVM: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

We are very sorry that we cannot perform any surgery or anesthesia. If your pet requires any surgery, we will introduce you to another clinic or hospital which can perform the needed surgery.

Owner/Veterinarian Dr. Yuichiro Shinbo DVM, CVA, CVCH
Clinic Hours Monday to Saturday (excluding Wednesday p.m.)
Closed Wednesday p.m., Sunday, National Holidays
Address 〒947-0051 Niigata-ken Ojiya-city Sanbushou 3581-6
〒947-0051 新潟県小千谷市 三仏生3581-6
Telephone 0258-86-6186
WEB https://wvc.jp


  • 【Exterior】
  • 【Parking Lot (5 vehicles)】
    【Parking Lot (5 vehicles)】
  • 【Waiting Room】
    【Waiting Room】
  • 【ECG, Blood Pressure and Oxygen Monitor】
    【ECG, Blood Pressure and Oxygen Monitor】
  • 【Examination Room】
    【Examination Room】
  • 【Ultrasound Diagnostic System】
    【Ultrasound Diagnostic System】
  • 【Blood Biochemistry Analyzer】
    【Blood Biochemistry Analyzer】
  • 【Left: Ophthalmoscope Right: Otoscope】
    【Left: Ophthalmoscope Right: Otoscope】
  • 【Hemocytometer】
  • 【Shampoo and Treatment Sink】
    【Shampoo and Treatment Sink】
  • 【Left: X-ray Room Right: X-ray Monitor】
    【Left: X-ray Room Right: X-ray Monitor】
  • 【Acupuncture】
  • 【Oxygen Inhaler】
    【Oxygen Inhaler】
  • 【Herbal Medicine】
    【Herbal Medicine】